Take action now to support the Seabright to 17th Rail Trail Segment!

Take action now to support the Seabright to 17th Rail Trail Segment!

The City and County of Santa Cruz are partnering to apply for a federal grant to build the Rail Trail from the east side of the San Lorenzo River to 17th Avenue. This section of trail parallels one of the most congested roads in Santa Cruz while traversing densely populated neighborhoods. It would allow families and seniors to safely bike and walk to Simpkins Swim Center, the soon-to-be-built Boys & Girls Club and would connect children to Shoreline Middle School, Gault, Del Mar ad Live Oak elementary schools.

We need your help to show the US Department of Transportation the overwhelming support Santa Cruz has for the Rail Trail! Please send a letter of support to county staff at by June 3rd, and pass this email along to family and friends.

Sample Letter (feel free to customize)

To: Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx

U.S. Department of Transportation

1200 North Jersey Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20590

I am a Santa Cruz resident and I want to voice my support for the Santa Cruz County and City’s request for funding Segment 9 of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network. I support the Project because it provides ______(insert options)__________.

Possible Options:

  • Enhanced safety for bicyclists and pedestrians;
  • Sustainable development to reduce dependence on oil;
  • Environmental benefits;
  • Enhanced quality of life;
  • Less expensive transportation choices.


Your Name

Please email your letter to by June 3rd. She is preparing the proposal and will include copies of the community letters we receive in the proposal packet.