Letters to the Editor: Rail and Trail Crucial To Decreasing Reliance on Cars

Letters to the Editor: Rail and Trail Crucial To Decreasing Reliance on Cars

Rail and Trail Crucial To Decreasing Reliance on Cars

Dear Editor,

The Rail Trail plan is the fastest path to a countrywide protected bike route. Infrastructure improvements have shown huge increases in bike commuting in other cities. With Santa Cruz kicking off a bike share program this year, bike transit will become even more convenient and this trail should happen ASAP to get us out of our cars!

Why is a small group of folks trying to pull out the tracks? Are people really so shortsighted and selfish? The Rail Trail plan gives Santa Cruz County everything we need: an incredible new bike infrastructure now, and the possibility of a planet-friendly public transit at a fraction of what other communities would pay later.

– Eric McGraw

Railway Infrastructure Asset

        Twenty years of tireless efforts have been invested toward a vision to transform our historic freight railway infrastructure into a more vital asset to provide the community healthy, low impact alternative modes of transportation, to reduce traffic, and enrich our daily experience in Santa Cruz.

The Rail Trail is well thought out, and fully funded plan, that will benefit pedestrians and cyclists now while preserving the tracks to enable a future light rail solution. It’s a practical and responsible hedge as we continue the necessary debate about smart transport alternatives to the car. Let’s do this.

– Robert Arko, Bonny Doon


Trail with Transit

         I get to most of the places I need to go each day by bicycle including getting my children to school and back. My constant fear is getting hit by a car – it only takes one distracted driver to crush me or my children. Having a wide, paved, car-free trail is ideal and given the size and shape of our County it is also vital to have some sort of transit along the rail corridor.

Riding from Watsonville to Santa Cruz is no small feat even on a fancy eBike. As a cyclist I am more than happy to share the corridor with a train or a bus.

The train won’t swerve unexpectedly thanks to the tracks and buses are driven by professionals – in all my years of riding in Santa Cruz, I have never had an issue with a bus driver. Trail with transit is a win for everybody.

– Alex Yasbek

We need a safer route to school now

Dear Editor,

I’m excited for the impact that the rail trail will have for my children. Safe bike routes give our kids autonomy and teach responsibility. If we were to pursue and alternative design and break ground ten years from now, my kids would not get the benefit of growing up with a bike corridor (and my grandkids miss out on super quiet light rail system).

Let’s get kids and their bikes off of the streets and onto the rail trail. Forty-four schools are within 1 mile of the corridor, and 50% of people in Santa Cruz County live within that distance as well. If the majority of their ride was in a protected lane, I’d feel good about my kids’ safety.

– Eric Horton

(All letters posted in the Aptos Times and Capitola Soquel Times, 6/1/18)







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