Letter: The RTC already voted to save the trestle

Letter: The RTC already voted to save the trestle

Earth to the “Yes on Measure L” folks who advertise “Save the Trestle.” The RTC voted last June to save the trestle by allocating $50,000 to study trestle improvements before building a trestle trail. Yes, it may surprise you that both sides want a trestle trail. The difference is the RTC has the money for trestle improvement study, and the “Yes on Measure L” proponents don’t.

A trestle improvement and trail will take years to complete, due to the project’s sheer size. In the meantime, the RTC plans a “spur” trail for bicyclists using Capitola streets, and the RTC will allocate future funding for this project. “Yes on Measure L” prevents city officials from ratifying this plan. “Yes on Measure L” is a dead-end street. “No on Measure L” means a better and safer bike route while the RTC improves the trestle and builds its trail.

Grace Voss, Live Oak (Published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, 10/3/18)

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