Letter: Pursue a fact-checked transportation solution

Letter: Pursue a fact-checked transportation solution

As a longtime supporter of public service, I long to see Santa Cruz County preserve its railroad heritage for future generations to commute on and enjoy while providing pedestrians with a suitable pathway for them to walk, jog and bike on, which Friends of the Rail Trail can provide.

Given Greenway and Trail Now’s lack of transparency regarding their source for funding and lack of a long-term vision for the community, I find it more logical to support an eco-friendly and financially efficient yet legal trail adjacent to an eventual rail transit system instead of an eco-friendly trail that buries this county’s transportation history and wastes millions of dollars in the process.

Rather than pursue an idea that only goes as far as its promise, I find it more worthwhile to pursue a fact-checked approach to public transportation and recreation.

— Karis Keiji Muramoto, Watsonville (published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel,9/3/18)

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