Letter: Greenway’s anti-rail agenda is short-sighted

Letter: Greenway’s anti-rail agenda is short-sighted

The frivolous lawsuit filed against the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission by the anti-rail group Greenway holds little merit. They state that the RTC did not submit an environmental impact report prior to signing a contract, allowing Progressive Rail to operate on the historic Santa Cruz Branch rail line.

Greenway will stop at nothing in their attempt to prevent freight and passenger trains from operating on the scenic rail line which has been in place for over 140 years. They want to impose their shortsighted agenda not realizing how beneficial the line can be. They favor buses, and while that is an important part of the transit picture, it will never provide the service a train would, especially for commuters, intercity rail and freight in reducing pollution and traffic relief.

This lawsuit against the state and county funded RTC only serves to waste taxpayer money in defense costs.

— Gary V. Plomp, Gilroy (published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, 7/28/18)

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