Letter: Bait and Switch

Letter: Bait and Switch

Re: “Tie Game”: The Greenway story doesn’t add up. The effort to sway people toward the “concept of a trail only in maybe 10-15 years” instead of the trail being built right now is actually to completely stop anything from happening ever. Think about it. A privately funded group financed by one or two extremely rich people show up at the eleventh hour and say “Stop! We have an idea. Let’s start all over” and then they set about pitching their idea to various groups, while spreading around some cash donations on the back channel, and actually begin to gain momentum because the pitch is that good. Before you know it, some organizations have signed on to the idea of a “concept” presented by a group with no accountability that has no timeline, no funding for their concept, no studies and no guarantee of ever happening and would only serve a small group of elite cyclists.

We have seen this kind of bait-and-switch deception used to sway voters very recently. Greenway has succeeded in convincing some people to get into their wagon. But ask yourself why would a well-funded private group form for the purpose of killing the current trail with rail project when the first segment is scheduled to be completed this year—the culmination of almost 20 years of work and effort? And since they have no public oversight, Greenway can say whatever they want to convince people to join in their folly while the employees and people who have been working for us to get our trail built must be accountable for not only their actions, but also their words.

This does not add up. Look before you leap into the Greenway swamp. I say No Way Greenway.

Virginia Blake, Santa Cruz (published in the Good Times, 6/27/18)

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