Letter: Alternatives must co-exist

Letter: Alternatives must co-exist

The letters last week regarding the railroad tracks suggested that the sensible thing to do would be to pave over the tracks, and also that trains are of the past and not the present and future.  Both assertions are wrong.

The sensible thing to do would be for this county, in a public/private enterprise, to improve the tracks so that a modern light-rail system could operate on it. Anyone who would want to take the time should look at Campaign for Sensible Transportation’s website, in which there are videos which portray the latest state-of-the-art electrically operated rail vehicles and cars that are currently in use in various cities in the nation and Canada. The need is for real alternative transportation to automobiles, and a bike-and-walk trail certainly can co-exist with the tracks along much of the branch line.

-LD Freitas, Aptos (Published in the Good Times, 9/26/18)

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