Economic Benefits

 Eco-Tourism Benefits:

The Rail Trail will provide a new tourist attraction thereby increasing business for local lodgings, restaurants, bike shops, and other vendors. The Rail Trail would be a ‘go-to’ destination for families and friends looking for a healthy, outdoor and scenic experience. The economic benefits of such a trail is evident from the numerous businesses along the Monterey trail and its contribution to a strong tourist economy in Monterey.

Home Amenity Benefits:

Studies by the National Association of Realtors as well as the National Home Builders Association show that when amenities are added to a neighborhood, such as a bike path or train station, property values increase. More families and individuals looking for peaceful and quiet places near their homes begin to populate property lines that are in close proximity to bike paths and trails.

Other Economic Benefits:

The Rail Trail would provide additional opportunities for things like a broadband conduit that could deliver high speed internet to residents.

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