A Sad Day for Taxpayers and Workers

A Sad Day for Taxpayers and Workers

Friends of the Rail & Trail was saddened to hear the RTC is being sued by the trail-only group known as Greenway. With construction on the Rail Trail set to begin in just a few weeks, a milestone citizens have worked decades to achieve, this lawsuit is just their latest attempt to delay or prevent construction of the Rail Trail.  Friends of the Rail & Trail are reassured that California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) experts, hired by the RTC to oversee compliance, have carefully reviewed, answered and explained why the issues raised in this lawsuit are without merit.

The good news is, groundbreaking on the Rail Trail will proceed. The bad news is, this lawsuit may adversely affect several local Watsonville businesses employing more than 500 workers.

While FORT is saddened, we are not surprised. This move follows Greenway’s previous claims that rail transportation will lead to oil drilling in the Monterey Bay and fracking in the new Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument – illogical arguments the Good Times dismissed with “If that sounds like fear-mongering, that’s because it almost certainly is.”

Rest assured, Friends of the Rail & Trail will continue our advocacy to Build the Trail and Keep the Rail, preserving all options for the future.

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