Rail Trail a Bargain at $127m

176The SCC RTC expects trail development along the branch line to exceed $127 million. Sound like a lot of money? We think it’s a bargain for the 50 miles of trail that connects 88 local parks, 42 schools, and over half of the county’s population. For perspective, here’s a cost comparison of other Transportation projects:

  • $21 Million for one mile of highway one auxillary lane construction
  • $32 million for Metro bus operations annual cost
  • $12 million for highway one widening Environmental Impact Report (this is just a report)

Transportation infrastructure projects are expensive but with the cost of the Coastal Rail Trail comes many  benefits including increased safe biking and walking routes to local children to get to 42 schools that are one mile from the rail corridor; increased eco-tourism from visitors using the trail as their are coastal and access to 88 parks within a mile of the corridor; more healthy exercise opportunities for families and seniors, increase in real estate values of homes near the Rail Trail.

Click here to read the RTC Master Plan.

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