Measure Endorsers

Local Endorsers for Measure D

Emily Gomez, Ecology Action

Emily Gomez has been on Ecology Action’s Sustainable Transportation team for 3+ years and coordinates programs such as the Bike To Work/School and Safe Routes to School in local schools. Emily has worked in the non-profit field for 9 years in the Santa Cruz community and is dedicated to working towards improved environmental and societal outcomes for the Santa Cruz County community.


Other Endorsers

Environmental, Bicycle, and Non-Profit/Community Groups

  • Bike Santa Cruz County
  • Ecology Action
  • Friends of Rail & Trail
  • Land Trust of Santa Cruz County
  • Seniors Council
  • Human Care Alliance

Businesses and Business Associations

  • Aptos Chamber
  • Bike Station Aptos
  • Caletti Cycles
  • Giro Sport Design
  • K&D Landscaping, Inc.
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation/ Sutter
  • Physicians Medical Group (PMG)
  • Plantronics
  • Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Cruz County Business Council
  • Slatter Construction
  • Spokesman Bicycles

Local Environmentalists (a partial list)

  • Margaret Bruce, Environmental Consultant and Director, San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board*
  • Cathy Calfo, Executive Director, California Certified Organic Farms*
  • Piet Canin, Vice President of Transportation, Ecology Action
  • David Casterson, Regional Transportation Commission Bike Committee Member*
  • Amelia Conlen, Former Executive Director, Bike Santa Cruz County
  • Terry Corwin, President, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County
  • Connie Croker, Retired
  • Tanya Diamond, Principal, Pathways for Wildlife
  • Paul Elerick, Founder, former Co-Chair, Campaign for Sensible Transportation*
  • Gary Griggs, Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Director Institute of Marine Sciences, UCSC*
  • Dan Haifley, Executive Director, O’Neill Sea Odyssey*
  • Bonny Hawley, Executive Director, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks
  • Denise Holbert, Santa Cruz County Planning Commission Alternate
  • Tawn Kennedy, Program Director, Greenways to School* and former Sierra Club Executive Committee Member
  • Rachel Kippen, Ocean Conservation Educator
  • Jessica Klodnicki, Founder, Girls Rock*
  • Robley Levy, Former Supervisor District 2
  • Kirsten Liske, Vice President of Community Programs, Ecology Action
  • Roxy Lo, Partner, Ibis Cycles
  • Steve Lustgarden, Bike Santa Cruz County Board Member and Former Assistant Director, California Certified Organic Farms
  • Donna Meyers, Principal, Conservation Collaborative
  • Jim Murphy, CEO and Executive Director, Ecology Action
  • Katherine O’Dea, Executive Director, Save Our Shores*
  • Mellissa Ott, Regional Transportation Commission Bike Committee Member*
  • Eric Richter, Brand Development Manager, Giro
  • Stephen Slade, Executive Director, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County
  • Ahiga Snyder, Principal, Pathways for Wildlife
  • Robert Stephens, Trustee, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County
  • Jim Van Houten, Co-Founder, Watsonville Wetlands Watch*
  • Grace Voss, Newsletter Editor, Santa Cruz County Cycling Club
  • Dr. Chris Wilmers, Associate Professor, Enviornmental Studies, UCSC*
  • Jessica Wolf, Co-Founder, People Power

* Indicates: “For Organizational Affiliation Identification Purposes Only”

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