Locals Stories

Hear from people like you about the benefits of Measure D…

Discovery Stories

“I’d discover other communities, and it would allow me opportunities to meet people I probably wouldn’t meet under other circumstances.”

“I look forward to the Rail Trail and the optional transportation opportunities it will afford our community to be healthier, since we can walk and ride to and from various locations. The Ballot Measure will give us better roads, improve our commuting issues as well as give the community better access to our bus system.”

– Joanne Noce, Mother, Capitola resident, FORT Board Member,  and Registered Nurse at Dominican Hospital

“I can’t imagine all the opportunities that would be opened up for Max because we could get to so many other areas of town and places to enjoy.”
– Martha Jordan, Santa Cruz Resident mom to Marion and grandmother to Ava and Max (pictured in wheel chair)

Choice Stories

“We can no longer afford to stand still on needed transportation improvements. As someone who has used both auto and bicycle to get to and from work for many years, I am excited by what we all get by passing Measure D: better, more sustainable transportation solutions including the much needed rail trail, and, yes, improvements to our roads that benefit both bikers and drivers. This is a win-win, and I urge all County residents to support Measure D.”

– Scott Roseman, 39-year resident of Santa Cruz County and Founder of New Leaf Community Markets

“The rail trail is a way that we can help conserve and help reduce our impact on the environment. As someone that is really committed to helping the environment, having the choice to bike to work and to all the places I have meetings is really important to me.”

– Molly Behn, Santa Cruz Resident and Outdoor Enthusiast

“[The trail] would be part of that solution to cut down on CO2 emissions that our cars are letting off. And riding over here was fun. Riding on the trails with my son is fun, and helps us stay fit. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for us.”

– Kaycee Beams, Mother, Santa Cruz resident and Simpkins Family Swim Center Aquatics Instructor 

Connection Stories

“It would be a dream to ride bikes as a family on a safe, car-free trail. We could connect to school, and other places around the county without worrying about traffic.”

– Eric Horton, Father, Aptos resident, FORT Board Member, and Creative Director at Giro Design

“I work for Bike Santa Cruz County as the youth programs director and I’m so excited about the rail trail. It’s going to be such a game changer for us and really transform our ability to get young people out riding bikes in a safe space where they get to experience the best of biking, where you don’t have to worry about traffic, where you don’t have to worry about cars.”

– Tawn Kennedy, Santa Cruz resident, Bike Santa Cruz County Youth Programs Director